ALFE BRNO, Ltd.,a foundry founded in 1912

The firm’s history

ALFE BRNO, Ltd., is a small foundry of many years’ tradition in manufacture of castings. It was founded in 1912 as the first Czech foundry in the Brno region under the name of Morávia – iron and malleable cast iron. After nationalization in 1950 it was affiliated to the Mosilana firm and subsequently to the textile factory of Partex in Nová Včelnice and castings for textile machines were manufactured here.

Since 1992 the foundry is again a private one with Czech holders with no foreign co-ownership. It continues in traditions of foundry manufacture under the name of ALFE BRNO, s.r.o. (Ltd.), and it employs 25 employees for manufacture of lamellar graphite and spheroidal graphite iron castings and aluminium alloys castings cast in sand moulds.

Since 1995 the manufacture of precision zinc and tin casting cast by centrifugal casting technology in rubber moulds has been introduced in the foundry.